Bentonite waterstop
Bentonite waterstop
Bentonite waterstop
Bentonite waterstop


Expansion ratio: 220-400%

Bentonite waterstop is an absorbent strip used to seal and waterproof concrete joints. It is commonly made of natural sodium bentonite clay and synthetic rubber. It is a new type of waterproof material, water stop, waterproof effect is more reliable than ordinary rubber. In contact with water the waterstop strip will swell approximately 250% of its original dry volume, the expansive clay mass will seal the cracks and small voids in the joint.


◆ Sealing construction joints                                                    

◆  Cold joints and working joints in concrete

◆  Around pipe penetrations

◆  Sewer joints

◆  Against slurry walls

◆  Sheet piling.

It can be used in combination with infiltrate stop in situation, which is deemed to be high risk.


◆  Ecological and user friendly system: simple and quick to install by means of gun nailing. 

◆  Resist hydrostatic pressures of up to 80 meters of water column= 8 ba.r

◆  The highly elastic and plastic properties of bentonite water-stop will easily. counterbalance the initial concrete shrinkage of the structure. 

◆  Can fill small honeycombs.

◆  No dissolve in water and is non-polluting. 

Physical parameters


Index (Black or Red)




Volume expansibility %≧




Flow at high temperature (80℃×5h)

No flowing

No flowing

No flowing

Low-temperature test (-20℃×5h)

No craking

No craking

No craking

Size and Packing

◆  Plastic film, release paper, cartons, and pallets.                                 1589534724545337.jpg

    10mm×20mm: 10m/roll, 80m/carton; 15mm ×20mm: 7m/roll, 49m/carton;

    20mm×25 mm: 5m /roll, 30m/caron; 20mm×30 mm: 5m /roll, 25m/caron;
    10mm x40mm or 30 mm × 50 mm: 3m or 4m or 5m/roll

    For LCL: 45-54 cartons on one pallet. 

    For FCL: 490 cartons in a 20 ft container.

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